1. Frankie Krogh
    Frankie Krogh
    A student of medicine and business, who believes through music and strategic charity that we humans can make the world a better, more vibrant, and raised place for our global family. On a mission to be a vehicle for the universe by allowing us to do things beyond that which is comprehensible to just ourselves. A helping hand to those who would give so much and asked for very little in return
Meet The Team
Robert H. Butler - I'm the founder of this organization, and several others.  I began this project because I have things to celebrate in life, and the finest celebration in life is that which makes life better.

Fauve Solange- I'm a member of the Board of Directors and the daughter of the founder, and I do this because I want to make the world a better place.

Michael Serra- 

Alessandra Bl - I'm on the Board of Directors, Blurb

Andrew Bishop-